Collection: Ophelya

Once in a moonlit grove so fair, 

Paths of dreams entwined with air. 

Hearts whispered secrets, soft and light, 

Echoes of love in the quiet night.


Luminous stars in her eyes did gleam, 

Yearning for moments caught in a dream. 

A tapestry woven with threads of time.


In loving memory of “ELLEN “OPHELIA” NELSON…


In the land of verdant valleys and sunlit peaks, there arose the ancient word "Opheyla." It was whispered among the elders that Opheyla embodied the essence of hope and light, a beacon to guide the weary traveler through the darkest nights. To speak Opheyla was to invoke a promise of dawn after the longest dusk, a reminder that within every heart lies the power to illuminate the path ahead.


Thus it was said, "In the time of shadows, when all seems lost and the spirit falters, call upon Opheyla. For in its utterance, the soul finds strength, the mind discovers clarity, and the world, once dim, blossoms with the brilliance of a thousand suns." And so, Opheyla became a cherished treasure, a word of comfort and a shield against despair, a testament to the enduring light within us all.