How To Peel A UV-DTF Transfer Sheet

Ensure your application surface is clean, dry, and free of dust or oils for optimal adhesion. Use a lint-free cloth with alcohol to prep the surface if necessary.

Step 1: Prepare the label: Run a squeegee across the UV-DTF label prior to removing it from the carrier sheet. Peel the design away from the clear backing.

Step 2: Position the Label: Carefully position the UV-DTF label on the desired surface. Avoid touching the adhesive side to maintain its stickiness. Our adhesive is strong and permanent, so once its placed, it cannot be removed.

Once positioned, lightly press the label onto the surface to secure its placement without fully adhering it.

Step 3: Apply Pressure: Use a small, flat, and soft object (like a plastic card or a squeegee) to apply even pressure across the label.

Start from the center of the label and work your way outwards to eliminate any air bubbles and ensure a strong adhesion.

Step 4: Finalize the Application: After firmly rubbing the design onto the surface, carefully start peeling the label at a 45-degree angle. DO NOT allow the ends of the clear film to touch or else you will not be able to pull them apart.

Go over the label one more time with your flat object to secure any edges or corners.  If a portion is not adhering, repeat Step 4.

The successful application of our transfers is under your care and responsibility. We kindly remind you that we cannot be held accountable for any complications or damage that may occur during or after the application process.

Additionally, please be aware that the capacity of glasses can differ across various brands. It may be necessary for you to adjust based on the specific brand of glasses you are using.  Be sure to measure your application area prior to peeling the backing.